Freddy Pomee
Hi! My name's Freddy!
Vital statistics
Title Freddy
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
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Hair Color Black
Status Alive
Location California
Age 14
Species Male
Birthdate: Feb 19, 2004

CAN YOU BEAT HIS HIGH SCORE? When Freddy isn’t singing and dancing, you can find him playing video games with his younger brother. But this gamer isn’t limited to Minecraft and other hi-tech competitions. He’s always ready to play an old-school board game as well.

MEET THE FAM! Freddy comes from a pretty big family (he has five siblings!), but his extended family is even bigger. He has relatives from all over the world, including New Zealand! Every summer, his whole clan gets together for a big reunion. More than 500 people family members attend each year!

ACHIEVE YOUR “GOALS” He’s a huge athlete, and loves basketball and baseball. His favorite sport, however, is soccer. In fact, if Freddy couldn’t be a singer/dancer, he’d be a professional soccer player. Maybe he’ll follow in the footsteps of his favorite athlete, Lionel Messi, from Barcelona.

HOLY GUACAMOLE This kid is a burrito expert, and has tried every combination. He likes all different kinds: sausage, bacon, ham, eggs, cheese and even tater tots. Delicious!

POLYNESIAN PRIDE Freddy’s family is from the islands of Tonga, and the island traditions always stay with him! He loves to practice his favorite Polynesian dance, “Tulafale.” In fact, Freddy is one of the top 10 Tulafale dancers in California.

FAVORITE SINGERS: Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, Drake & Charlie Puth

LIKES: Singing, Dancing, Music, Pizza, Courage the Cowardly Dog TV Show, Pakdam Pakdai TV Show

DISLIKES: Bean Boozled, Eustace scaring the Kidz Bop Kids, Eustace and Muriel not being nice, Mouse Bop Mice, The Storm King