Murphy VS Girl is an episode from Season 8. In this episode, Murphy and Girl play a great video game together.

It is a sunny day. Ashlynn, Grant, Murphy, Matt, Girl, and Clarkson are enjoying a beautiful day outside. Girl wants to play a video game, and she is playing Pac-Man. The kids come inside and play Girl's video game. First, they play a quick round of Pac-Man, then they play a game of Galaga. Girl has a fighter captured, Afterwards, they play Pitfall. Then they play a video game of Larryboy and the Bad Apple. They play more video games afterwards including Elmo's Letter Adventure, Elmo's Number Journey, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Then, later they read books, watch cartoons, eat apples, and play games of Checkers, Sorry and Uno. Then the episode ends with a computer generated fade out.


This is the last time the kids play checkers.

This is the last episode to have the funding play out of sync

This episode also marks the last episode to have the PBS Kids Snowglobe bumper at the end.

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