Birthdate: Jun 22, 2004

Age: 13

Sierra KB
Hey! It's Sierra, from the Kidz Bop kids!
Vital statistics
Title Sierra
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
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Health {{{health}}}
Hair Color Blonde
Status Alive
Location California
Age Kidz Bop Years: 12 - 15
Species Human

Sierra is a total fashionista and loves to sketch her own fashion designs. This girl loves to find unique outfits for her closet! Right now, her favorite pieces are her bell-bottoms and beaded jacket. Very chic!

J’ADORE PARIS Sierra’s favorite city in the world is Paris, and she always dreamed of visiting. When her parents surprised her with a trip to France, she was so excited – she started crying tears of joy! Her favorite memory was seeing the Eiffel Tower in real life, for the first time.

SAY CHEESE! Lights, camera, action! Sierra likes to work behind the camera and direct all kinds of fun shoots. She loves photography and is always ready to plan a photoshoot for her friends. If she’s feeling creative, she’ll even break out her green screen.

PROBLEM SOLVER From science to mathematics, Sierra has got the answers! She likes experimenting and figuring out the solutions to complicated problems. It’s not always easy, but she doesn’t mind working to get the right answer!

FUTURE POP STAR… AND MATHEMATICIAN If you ask Sierra what she wants to be when she grows up… she’ll say: “singer, dancer, actress, scientist, fashion designer, make up creator, artist, swimmer and mathematician.” Well, that is quite a career!

FAVORITE SINGERS: Sabrina Carpenter, Taylor Swift, Adele, Meghan Trainor & Ariana Grande

LIKES: Singing, Dancing, Paris, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Her hair, Smoothies, The Speak Up Challenge, Bunny Rabbits, Dogs, Cats, Guinea Pigs, Instagram, Twitter,, LIVE Videos, Concerts, Tutti-Frutti, Chuck E Cheese

DISLIKES: Bean Boozled, Skunks, Rotten Eggs, Boogers, Moldy Cheese, Being sick, Being filmed on LIVE Videos so much at one time,


  • Before she became a Kidz Bop Kid, Sierra was in the Rio 2 Burger King Kids Meal Commercial.
  • Before she became a Kidz Bop Kid, Sierra was in one of the King's Hawaiian Jalapeno Rolls TV Spots.
  • She usually gets upset when Isaiah acts stubborn or Julianna acts super insane or Cooper acts cowardly.
  • Sierra loves doing LIVE Videos. She sometimes hides her face when other Kidz Bop Kids do LIVE Videos and try to film her.
  • Sierra doesn't like Rotten Egg jellybeans. She got it while playing Bean Boozled with the rest of the Kidz Bop Kids. Poor girl.


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